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1. What are the signs and causes of acute laminitis and what can be done to treat this?

2. What are the signs of colic and what should I do to treat this?

3. What is “choke” in horses, and how do i recognize and treat this?


East coast Equine features an outstanding lay-up facility located on 34 acres…

  • Angular Limb Deviation 

  • Balanced Hooves 

  • Colic

  • Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis

  • Equine Infectious Anemia

  • Lower Leg Fractures

  • Increased West Nile Virus Risk in 2012 

  • Are there any other treatments besides joint injections that will help my horse's performance?
  • My horse is showing signs of lameness and has no signs of obvious injury what should I do?
  • My horse doesn’t perform his riding/racing skills with the same ease and skill he previously did, how should I proceed?
  • I am about to purchase a new horse for the first time, is there anything I should have done prior to purchase?
  • My horse is off his feed and is losing weight, what should I do to investigate this?


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Located in Chesterfield, NJ, East Coast Equine provides leading expertise in veterinary medicine to hunters, jumpers, dressage, pleasure, and race horses.  We partner with owners, riders, and trainers to ensure their horses achieve peak performance by leverging results-proven methods in combination with advanced technology and veterinary techniques.  

For the past 13 years East Coast Equine has been providing exceptional ambulatory care to horses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, and Canada.  Our ambulatory services include digital radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, shockwave therapy, lameness examination, intra-articular joint injections, acupuncture, and emergency medicine.  

In addition, our office includes a 34 acre lay-up facility with 24 stalls, all of which are staffed by experienced professionals.  East Coast Equine provides hospital care to horses recovering from minor to major surgeries, lameness rehabilitation, and general care.  

East Coast Equine is a member of the American Association for Equine Practicioners (AAEP) and the New Jersey Association for Equine Practictioners (NJAEP).