East Coast Equine offers important preventative care along with routine check-ups that are important to ensure a healthy horse performing at any level.  These services include: 


Vaccinations are a critical part of maintaining a horses health.  Generally, vaccinations are performed once per year with a booster provided in the fall for certain viruses.  East Coast Equine can work with you to determine the best schedule for vaccination based on your needs and your horse's routine.  For a copy of vaccination guidelines published by AAEP, click here 


Deworming helps to maintain a horses health by targeting parasites that have been proven to cause harm to a horse, including colic and weight loss.  It is important to deworm horses at least once per year and even quarterly in some cases.  

Digital Coggins Testing

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) is a virus that there is no cure or vaccine for.  Coggins testing looks for EIA antibodies in a horses bloodstream.  Coggins tests are required by law to be performed on a yearly basis.  In order to take a horse to any competition, a negitive resulted coggins test is required.  

East Coast Equine provides digital coggins results through Global Vet Link.  This allows the horse's owner to have easy access to results and can quickly print reports as needed without the assistance of a veterinarian.  

Digital Health Certificates

In many cases, health certificates are required for horses to travel to races, across state lines, and internationally.  East Coast Equine produces digital health certificates with Global Vet Link that list vaccination history in addition to coggins results.  Depending on the location, the certificates can be submited electronically to the location needed; allowing for a paperless process.  

Preventative Medicine